The Free Motion Quilting Project: Quilt Shop

Quilt Shop

To support the Free Motion Quilting Project, we set up an online quilt shop at so you can easily find helpful tools to make free motion quilting easier on your home machine.

Here's just a few items offered in the Quilt Shop: Free Motion Quilting Designs - If you're looking for the best way to browse through all the free motion quilting designs on this blog, this is the book for you!

Find each design illustrated with a high quality photo with the name and number of the design so you can easily look up the original tutorial here on the project.  This is a wonderful companion to keep close to your sewing machine so you can easily flip through and pick designs to use in your quilts. Quilting Kit - There are three tools that I absolutely can't quilt without, so we created a special kit so you can try them too! This is a Ultimate Kit comes with a Supreme Sliders, Machingers Quilting Gloves, and Magic Bobbin Washers.

All of these tools help to make free motion quilting easier on your home machine by making the quilt easier to move and your hands better able to control the quilt and make fine, precise movements. Click Here to learn more about this kit.

Isacord Polyester Thread - This thread is amazing!  It's thin, yet super strong, which means it can handle some serious abuse that free motion quilting dishes out.  You can not only travel stitch multiple times with this awesome thread, you can also afford to quilt all your quilts with it!

 A single cone of 1000 meters costs just $6, which is a great bargain when you consider just how much thread it will take to quilt a large quilt. For years I thought dense designs like Pebbling were beyond my skill level. Then I switched to Isacord thread and suddenly I could quilt any design I wanted. The key was finding the right thread! Click Here to learn more about Isacord.
The Quilter's Back Support -  This is an adjustable back support brace that comfortably improves your posture while quilting and sewing. When adjusted properly, a two pound weight rests at your low back, and acts like a gentle counter weight to your body's natural tendency to curl forward.

The result is excellent, easy to maintain upright posture. The Quilting Back Support can not only reduce back pain and fatigue it also improves your posture, preventing potential long-term health problems.  Click here to learn more.

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